Monday, 16 June 2014

Yet another introduction

Im one of those people that has started hundreds of blogs and I still dont know what to say in the first post! Im hoping that this blog will give me somewhere to blog in a more structured way about my children, our parenting journey and probably about myself/my relationship with my husband. I guess Im narcissistic like that.
Im Talli, Im a 28 year old married mum of two. I went to college and did some undergraduate courses before I left to work full time. I worked up until 2008 when I was made redundant and then met my husband in 2009. By 2010 we were married and living together in Kent. Im now a SAHM (Stay at home mum) although I`d like to find some part time work to keep myself occupied. I am rather crafty and especially enjoy crochet and photography. I have some anxiety issues which means I end up finding it quite difficult to maintain friendships but Im trying to work on that.

 This is my husband David. Like I said we met in 2009. 2 months later he moved in and the following year we were married. He is hilarious and incredibly irritating. I will moan about him alot no doubt, but I really do love him. We were on a long car journey the other day and we agreed that its things like that that make you realise why your with someone. We were stressed and knackered and he was getting me and Tsuki to laugh hysterically. Hes my best friend. He also has Aspergers which is a syndrome (I guess) on the Autistic Spectrum.
 This is my daughter Tsuki (fab photo I know lol). She was born in November 2011 after many many months of trying. She was born via emergency csection which was a bit of a shock.
She is sassy, quick tempered, intelligent, chatty, hilarious and amazing.

This is the newest edition to our little family, our son Kaison. He was born March 2014, 2 weeks late in a breech position (it was a planned breech delivery). He is the strongest baby I have ever known and I am amazed every day at how he is growing and developing

I guess thats enough of an introduction for now. Theres plenty of things I want to write about, lots of topics but I want to attempt to make this blog a little more coherent than my other blogs so Im going to take my time and really put some effort into the posts!
Bye for now
Talli xx.

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