Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Kaisons Birth Story

How different two pregnancies/labours can be!
After Tsukis birth we wanted a homebirth, I stuck to this plan up until 39 weeks.
Kaison was perfectly healthy all throughout the pregnancy, he was just awkward. At 32 weeks we had a scan and they told us he was breech. We tried all manner of exercises and whatnot to try and move him but he wasnt budging.
At 39 weeks we had an ECV to try and manually turn him but 2 consultants were unable to get him to turn. At this point we became worried about birthing at home so we agreed to a hospital birth so long as it could be in the midwife led unit.
Kaison decided he was comfy and stayed put, at 40+14 we went to hospital for an induction. We sat around for a while, we had a CTG which was perfect and discussed at length with the consultant the plan of the day. As I was so far overdue we agreed to forgo the midwife unit and birth on the delivery suite. It was scary as it felt like we were having a re-run of everything with Tsuki.
I had an internal exam and the midwife was a bit unsure so another midwife came and check and they said Kaison was lying ‘oblique’.
After that at 4.20pm we had a scan and they confirmed that he was lying oblique/transverse and said we would need to come in on the 4th for a c-section.
I was beyond gutted. I cried, then spent a long time being silent. I was angry. I decided not to stay in hospital as they suggested but instead to go home and try and get some rest.
We went home and I was having what I felt were the same old false labour pains but they didn’t go away, I tried to sleep but they were getting worse and at about midnight I woke david up and said I couldnt cope with the pain.
12.05am we rang the hospital and they told us to go straight to the delivery suite. The drive to the hospital was filled with me having contractions and screaming then us laughing at how crazy the situation was.
By 1.20am we were in the delivery room and being scanned, they confirmed kaison had turned back to breech and that we could try for a natural delivery! They examined me and I was 4cm with a ‘soft and stretchy’ cervix. We were moved to the birth pool and it was nice to be able to float around but it wasn’t helping alot with the pain.

At 2.41am I told them I wanted to push, they checked me and I was about 7cm.
At 2.50am the urge to push became stronger. They checked me again and I was 7-8cm and my waters were ‘bulging’.
2.57am the decision was made to transfer me to theatre so I begrudgingly got out of the pool. They moved us to the room I laboured with tsuki in.
3.10am I was having intense almost constant contractions.
3.15am I was checked, 8cm and waters still intact.
3.27am I wasnt coping well with the pain so the decision was made to transfer to theatre now and break waters. They said about a spinal and I signed the consent forms.
3.33am waters were broke and meconium present.
Past this point we dont have anymore notes so this part is from memory. There wasnt enough time to get a gown on me or a spinal in as by the time they got me to surgery I was pushing. There were alot of people in the theatre, the usual drs and nurses plus specialist registrar, consultant and loads of students. My midwife came with us and she was so lovely, she kept making the drs give me a pause from pushing so I could have a puff of gas and air and she got me a drink as I wasnt on any fluids, she held my hand and it made a massive difference.
They got me on the bed and strapped my legs into the stirrups. There was a cervical lip which they managed to push out of the way. I was struggling to deliver his buttocks so I was given an episiotomy. After that I managed to get his body out, I could feel him moving around and pooing on everyone. His heartrate became fast and erratic and I couldnt get his head out quick enough so they did some manual manoeuvres to assist him. It was at this point that the pain was too intense and I literally started trying to kill people. They are lucky they strapped me down. But something in my brain remembered that if I just get him out all the pain will stop. 2 pushes later and he was out! He was cold because his body had been hanging out of me for so long so they put him under the heater for a while and then he was placed on my chest. I couldnt stop smiling :)

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