Monday, 30 June 2014

Kaison Update

16 weeks & 6 days (4 months)
  • Kaison rolled from front to back today 30/06/14, 
  • he rolled back to front on 19/06/14
  • he smiles all the time
  • he gurgles, blows raspberries and squeals with excitement
  • he can bear weight on his legs
  • he can 'almost' sit 
  • he plays with his feet
  • he bats at his toys and grabs them
  • he tries to eat my food already!
 It feels like he is growing up so quickly, with Tsuki she was all we had to focus on. Everything was waited for, watched for. With Kaison, we just dont have the time or focus to be like that. But its great that we are still amazed by all the new things he learns. I was a bit worried that because we had seen it all before we wouldnt be excited, but we are!


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