Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tsuki loves the outdoor life

 Oh boy does she love to be outside! Every opportunity she gets shes out there. Every knock on the door or foray into the yard to hang the washing up is a chance for her to get into the 'fresh' air. David and I are home bunnies, we are the people that arrive at someones home and immediately ask what thier wifi code is. But Tsuki has made us re-evaluate and change how we spend our days. Now we go for walks, explore new parks and visit old favourites. We drive for miles to find somewhere new and exciting for her to explore. We may not always want to but I guess thats what parenting is all about, doing things you kind of dont want to for the good of your children. We know that Tsuki would be bored stiff if we stayed inside all the time like WE would like to. We spent last week visiting my family in the Midlands and Tsuki took full advantage of the nice weather! She was happily playing in her nannis garden and helping herself to strawberries straight off the plant. She also had loads of fun shouting at pidgeons and birdies with her nana. Sometimes I may wish that she would be happy to sit down and watch a 5 minute tv show let alone a movie, but I think really that Im glad she can find so much joy in just leaving the house!

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