Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Trial by IKEA

Its always the way isnt it? IKEA is the one place that you go to knowing that your going to have a terrible time. 
Today was no different.
After getting Kaison weighed this morning we mooched around a bit until after lunch, cleaned up and got some laundry done. Then I remembered that I had wanted to go to IKEA today and buy the cot for Kaison instead of spending hours on ebay trying to find one. So we got sorted and left. It should only take us 20-25 minutes to get to Lakeside and thats even accounting for traffic on the Dartford Crossing. But NOPE. Over an hour sat in hot sweaty traffic because there had been an accident.
So we arrived and I continued to sit in a hot sweaty car while I fed Kaison.
Then we made our way inside and Tsuki had a brilliant time sitting on all the chairs (ALLLLLL the chairs) and playing in the childrens area.

Before I show you what we bought, I`d like to say at this point that I gave David the measurements for the packages. He went to the car with a tape measure. What he didnt do was measure how big THE GAP is TO GET THE STUFF IN THE BOOT. Which is kind of an essential thing when trying to fit large things in the boot. So in the end we had to take both the childrens seats out of the car and move them around in order to fold down one of the seats and wedge the stuff into the car. We had our dinner (mcdonalds) in the car because everything would fall out if we opened the door! It took us an hour to load the car up, lots of swearing was involved, and broken nails, and tantrums from a hot/bored/hungry Tsuki.
Personally I think it was worth it though :)
So, the main thing we bought was the cot. Its the cheapest cot that IKEA have, but actually, it feels really study. 
Next was the mattress, we tested the mattresses while we were there and agreed that the cheapest felt a little too cheap. So we went for the 2nd cheapest ;) 

 Initially we had planned to buy the cot quilt they have for £8 but I picked the wrong one up and we didnt realised until we got to the cheackout (and by that time there was no hope of us going back) so we got this one. Which is actually lovely as it has stars on it :) 
And a pillow 

Nicely priced basics
 A really sweet cover set 
Ive been saying to David for ages that I wanted to get Tsuki a mat with roads on for her bedroom. We saw this today and it was just perfect, and only a tenner! She chose this one from the others they had. Now I just need to get her some more cars to play with.
 So yeah, a hot, sweaty, stressful and expensive afternoon for us! But look at his face!

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