Friday, 20 June 2014

Friday Favourites 20/06/14

This weeks Friday Favourites are from H&M.
H&M isnt somewhere that I shop often, but it is somewhere that I regularly go to online, I even have the app on my phone! I LOVE thier kids ranges, its always so bright and colourful, good quality and fairly priced. 
This are a few of my favourite pieces after a quick look around thier website (I darent stay too long incase I 'accidentally' start adding things into my shopping cart).
  1. Duvet Cover Set - £19.99
  2. Plate - £3.99
  3. Jersey Dress - £2.99
  4. Patterned Dress - £19.95
  5. Dressed Set - £17.99
  6. 2 pack of PJs - £7.99
I have been going back to look at that pattered dress time and time again for months, I WISH Tsuki had loads of partys to go to just so I`d have an excuse to buy her adorable dresses.  Also, I really love baby boys dressed up looking smart. Its a pain in the arse to actually get a teeny tiny shirt on a flailing baby, but I think the end result is worth it personally.
Talli xx

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