Wednesday, 10 September 2014

6 months already

Well, half a year has passed since this little guy entered the world, in his own unique fashion. Im constantly amazed by him, how different he is from his sister and how alike. How carefully he moves things in his hands to examine them. How sweetly he laughs with Tsuki on car journeys. How loudly he can scream at 3am. But I guess I wouldnt really have it any other way.
So, my little one, I hope you continue to be the happy little chap you are at the moment :)
(Im sorry Ive been a bit afk recently, busy busy! But Im going to try and be a better blogger! I promise xx)

Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Favourites 5/09/14

Havent done any Friday Favourites for a while so I thought I`d make the effort this week!
These are all from Etsy, gotta love some handmade stuff!
1: Set of 6 x Fuzzy Teddy Bear Cake/Cupcake Decorations - £25
2: Baby Preppy Cardigan and Bow Tie Set - £24.75
3: Organic Baby Mobile - £24.75
4: White and Green Giraffe with Pretty Print and Polka Dots backpack - £24.13
5: Unicorn Farts Lipbalm - £2.47

Hope you like them!

Talli x

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Dallas and Leeloo

 For a while now we've been talking about getting pets, always putting it off and putting it off but we finally decided that we miss having pets! But what to get!? Something fairly child friendly, small, doesnt take up too much space but interesting to watch and interact with.
In the end we decided on gerbils :)
So, we have adopted 2 gerbils from a Pets@Home store, they were ones that had been returned unwanted to the store so we made a donation for them to continue to care for other unwanted pets.
I have to say, they are brilliant creatures! No bites at all, the occassional 'taste' to see if we are food, they even put up with Tsuki trying to stroke them!
So, Dallas and Leeloo say Hey :D

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

5 months already!

Im so not ok with this.

Family day out at Howletts Zoo

On Saturday my parents and my brother came to visit, we had been discussing where to visit for the day and had agreed on Howletts zoo. Tsuki loves animals (as do I) and mum got the tickets via Tesco vouchers so we saved a fortune! It was a beautiful day (to most people, I found it sweaty) but nevertheless we had a brilliant time. Davids back was hurting too much to join us which was a shame as he`s never seen an elephant but Im sure we'll go again at some point!
Now for a photo spam!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Riverside Country Park

Riverside isnt a park we go to often, in fact we have only been there once before at New Years and I started having contractions and had to come home!
Im not really sure why, Its absolutely beautiful scenery, always very well manicured and no rubbish about. Theres a brilliant adventure playground and a cafe with toilets (although the food is EXPENSIVE - we took a picnic!). It just sort of gets overshadowed by our preferred parks around here. Anyway, Im rambling, we went to Riverside today in an attempt to not spend any money (we failed, almost £6 on ice creams and then I just HAD to go shopping -_-).
We had a lovely walk, which was cut short as Kaison needed a feed (it was so nice feeding him in the lovely breeze with such a nice view) and then my back was hurting so I said we`d walk back and find some shade to sit in to eat lunch.

As you can see by the last photo Kaison is really enjoying trying foods, we're sort of doing what we did with Tsuki which was let her try our foods. Little bits here and there, and we are just starting to sit him at the dining table with us with some food of his own to play with (Although he did demolish 2 skips crisps today which wasnt entirely planned).
Hope you've had a lovely day too xx

Monday, 21 July 2014

An attempt at cooking

Im not sure if Ive mentioned this, but Im not a chef, nor a cook. I like to bake but I rarely take a trip into savoury territory, barring spaghetti or shepherds pie. But I saw This Post from LouLouLoves and it looked so lovely that I thought I`d give it a go!
Now, this is a household of PICKY eaters, every one of us is picky. So I decided that I would do a base of cheese and bacon then add in some extras for me and Tsuki (Pastrami, pepperami, mushrooms).

(Yes my house is super messy!)
I ate all mine, it was YUMMY, although next time I wouldnt use extra mature cheddar as it was a bit over powering. Tsuki had a nibble which is normal for lunchtime and David said it was 'nice' which is fairly good :)
Next on the list is to find the receipe for Toad in the Hole that I made a while ago because David is pestering me like a toddler to make it for him!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Stating the obvious - Its really warm!

We've been staying at home as much as possible this week really, for one thing its been super hot, but also because Tsuki is potty training. She is doing amazingly well! We started on Monday, since then shes only had a few accidents, she did her first poo on the potty today without it ending up on the floor which was amazing! Tonight she has gone to bed without a nappy on, on the one hand Im over the moon but on the other it point a big light on the fact that she isnt a baby any more. Shes getting so big!
Today we went to a fundraising event which our friend organised, it was to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. I have to admit, I was a little nervous to go, especially in this heat as I get really easily flustered, but it was lovely in the end. Very family/pet friendly pub, everyone LOVED the kids and Tsuki got totally spoilt. I donated a bunny for the raffle and I think a couple of people took my details to order one if they didnt win it! lol
But yeah, I dont like hot weather!