Monday, 21 July 2014

An attempt at cooking

Im not sure if Ive mentioned this, but Im not a chef, nor a cook. I like to bake but I rarely take a trip into savoury territory, barring spaghetti or shepherds pie. But I saw This Post from LouLouLoves and it looked so lovely that I thought I`d give it a go!
Now, this is a household of PICKY eaters, every one of us is picky. So I decided that I would do a base of cheese and bacon then add in some extras for me and Tsuki (Pastrami, pepperami, mushrooms).

(Yes my house is super messy!)
I ate all mine, it was YUMMY, although next time I wouldnt use extra mature cheddar as it was a bit over powering. Tsuki had a nibble which is normal for lunchtime and David said it was 'nice' which is fairly good :)
Next on the list is to find the receipe for Toad in the Hole that I made a while ago because David is pestering me like a toddler to make it for him!

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