Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Riverside Country Park

Riverside isnt a park we go to often, in fact we have only been there once before at New Years and I started having contractions and had to come home!
Im not really sure why, Its absolutely beautiful scenery, always very well manicured and no rubbish about. Theres a brilliant adventure playground and a cafe with toilets (although the food is EXPENSIVE - we took a picnic!). It just sort of gets overshadowed by our preferred parks around here. Anyway, Im rambling, we went to Riverside today in an attempt to not spend any money (we failed, almost £6 on ice creams and then I just HAD to go shopping -_-).
We had a lovely walk, which was cut short as Kaison needed a feed (it was so nice feeding him in the lovely breeze with such a nice view) and then my back was hurting so I said we`d walk back and find some shade to sit in to eat lunch.

As you can see by the last photo Kaison is really enjoying trying foods, we're sort of doing what we did with Tsuki which was let her try our foods. Little bits here and there, and we are just starting to sit him at the dining table with us with some food of his own to play with (Although he did demolish 2 skips crisps today which wasnt entirely planned).
Hope you've had a lovely day too xx

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