Friday, 4 July 2014

This week has gone so quickly!

and also really slowly.
We sold the sofa, and Im currently selling Kaisons moses basket, so that will start making a dent in the 'laptop fund' I forgot to save before I bought my new laptop (oops).
Kaison turned 4 months, which I refuse to believe. Nope nope nope.
Tsuki caught a horrible virus off her cousin and was so poorly on Wednesday. Shes only ever been sick once before but she was sick twice on Wednesday and she cried so hard because it scared her. We took her to urgent care just to get her checked over because her temperature was so high and she was really lethargic (Which is totally not like her). Shes fine now though  :)
She did however give it to me and David, which was not cool.
Kaison has struggled a bit this week with the heat, hes barely been feeding so Ive been giving him a little water now and then through the day just to make sure hes hydrated.

I also decided (stupidly) that I would do Camp Nanowrimo this year, November is always such a busy month for us so I figured July might be a bit easier.
Although having a storyline might have been more helpful...

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