Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Riverside Country Park

Riverside isnt a park we go to often, in fact we have only been there once before at New Years and I started having contractions and had to come home!
Im not really sure why, Its absolutely beautiful scenery, always very well manicured and no rubbish about. Theres a brilliant adventure playground and a cafe with toilets (although the food is EXPENSIVE - we took a picnic!). It just sort of gets overshadowed by our preferred parks around here. Anyway, Im rambling, we went to Riverside today in an attempt to not spend any money (we failed, almost £6 on ice creams and then I just HAD to go shopping -_-).
We had a lovely walk, which was cut short as Kaison needed a feed (it was so nice feeding him in the lovely breeze with such a nice view) and then my back was hurting so I said we`d walk back and find some shade to sit in to eat lunch.

As you can see by the last photo Kaison is really enjoying trying foods, we're sort of doing what we did with Tsuki which was let her try our foods. Little bits here and there, and we are just starting to sit him at the dining table with us with some food of his own to play with (Although he did demolish 2 skips crisps today which wasnt entirely planned).
Hope you've had a lovely day too xx

Monday, 21 July 2014

An attempt at cooking

Im not sure if Ive mentioned this, but Im not a chef, nor a cook. I like to bake but I rarely take a trip into savoury territory, barring spaghetti or shepherds pie. But I saw This Post from LouLouLoves and it looked so lovely that I thought I`d give it a go!
Now, this is a household of PICKY eaters, every one of us is picky. So I decided that I would do a base of cheese and bacon then add in some extras for me and Tsuki (Pastrami, pepperami, mushrooms).

(Yes my house is super messy!)
I ate all mine, it was YUMMY, although next time I wouldnt use extra mature cheddar as it was a bit over powering. Tsuki had a nibble which is normal for lunchtime and David said it was 'nice' which is fairly good :)
Next on the list is to find the receipe for Toad in the Hole that I made a while ago because David is pestering me like a toddler to make it for him!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Stating the obvious - Its really warm!

We've been staying at home as much as possible this week really, for one thing its been super hot, but also because Tsuki is potty training. She is doing amazingly well! We started on Monday, since then shes only had a few accidents, she did her first poo on the potty today without it ending up on the floor which was amazing! Tonight she has gone to bed without a nappy on, on the one hand Im over the moon but on the other it point a big light on the fact that she isnt a baby any more. Shes getting so big!
Today we went to a fundraising event which our friend organised, it was to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. I have to admit, I was a little nervous to go, especially in this heat as I get really easily flustered, but it was lovely in the end. Very family/pet friendly pub, everyone LOVED the kids and Tsuki got totally spoilt. I donated a bunny for the raffle and I think a couple of people took my details to order one if they didnt win it! lol
But yeah, I dont like hot weather!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Monday, 14 July 2014

We are the house of GERMS

Yep, we ALL now have this horrible cough/cold combo going on which is resulting in a mountain of snotty tissues laying around everywhere and the baby being woken up by one of us coughing EVERY SINGLE TIME he falls asleep.
Im ready for this week to be over already and its only Monday! Im worried because Tsuki is now off nursery until September, thats a heck of a long time for me to try and remember how to entertain a toddler 24/7, with a baby in tow. Not that she spends alot of time at nursery, its just enough to make me miss her a bit lol.
So, in an attempt to make us all feel a bit better, and to keep the house tidy by not being in it (we have our quarterly inspectino tomorrow) I suggested going to the park.
We went to one in Strood that apparently either not many people know about or they just cant be bothered to go there because its always empty. Which is nice for us really as Tsuki can get a bit distracted or shy when theres other people on play equipment and she gets stressed about it.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sibling love

I really hope these two have a good relationship as they get older, right now they are the best of friends. Tsuki loves kissing and cuddlings with Kaison, Kaisons face lights up when Tsuki smiles at him and he watches her all the time. Its so nice to see. But Im so worried that they will become competitive or mean, or both.
I say this because I had/have a....difficult relationship with my brother. I wont go into why but I do. I just want them to be more like David and his siblings, maybe its because theres loads of kids on Davids side? They all have multiple siblings, I guess theres more chance of having siblings you get on with if theres more of the right?
I want them to be the sort of brother and sister that call each other just for a chat, that remember each others birthdays, that are KIND to each other. I sort of want to pause time on thier relationship right now, keep it like this, just like this.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday Favourites 11/07/14

So, I wasnt sure what to do for this weeks favourites, so I decided to make life easy for myself as Ive been feeling really under the weather. Music!
Mikhael Paskalev - I Spy
George Ezra - Budapest 
Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple
leek spin
Lifehouse - All In

Monday, 7 July 2014

Photos from our week

 My beautiful boy is getting so big!
 Order of the week? TANTRUMS
 At least she loves him
 Tsukis flowers are FINALLY beginning to grow! (I was worried my 'green thumb' had finished them off)
These two though, just look at em!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Camp Nanowrimo update

Ok so, every year without fail I try and do nanowrimo (which is in November) and I always fail miserably and blame it on birthdays and trying to get organised for christmas. So this year I thought I would take part in camp nanowrimo which is the same thing but in July.
This is good, so far, although my storyline is terrible, but nano is about quantity not quality so Im trying to ignore the inner editor in me and just go for it.
Even if I get to the end and realise I wrote 50K words of tripe, its a good exercise to get into the habit of writing often and consistently.
But yeah, Im feeling good about this year :)


Friday, 4 July 2014

This week has gone so quickly!

and also really slowly.
We sold the sofa, and Im currently selling Kaisons moses basket, so that will start making a dent in the 'laptop fund' I forgot to save before I bought my new laptop (oops).
Kaison turned 4 months, which I refuse to believe. Nope nope nope.
Tsuki caught a horrible virus off her cousin and was so poorly on Wednesday. Shes only ever been sick once before but she was sick twice on Wednesday and she cried so hard because it scared her. We took her to urgent care just to get her checked over because her temperature was so high and she was really lethargic (Which is totally not like her). Shes fine now though  :)
She did however give it to me and David, which was not cool.
Kaison has struggled a bit this week with the heat, hes barely been feeding so Ive been giving him a little water now and then through the day just to make sure hes hydrated.

I also decided (stupidly) that I would do Camp Nanowrimo this year, November is always such a busy month for us so I figured July might be a bit easier.
Although having a storyline might have been more helpful...

Friday Favourites 04/07/14

This week I thought I would have a browse around Etsy for lovely things.
This is what I found :)

1: These thin stacking rings are just adorable and can be stamped with any words you would like. I`d love to get a set with the childrens names on!
2: One of those sellers that I keep going back to time and time again. Oodles of space in this bag, and its on sale!
3: Would you just look at this adorable little outfit!! you get to choose your own bow tie. Theres also loads of other similar outfits in the store if your not into stripes.
4: I found this little gem, such a gorgeous little hoody, I bet Tsuki would look ADORABLE in this!
5: and to round it off I found this t-shirt for David. It is absolutely perfect for him!