Sunday, 18 January 2015

It may be cold but we are still going out!

 I never thought I would be that crazy family that are out in all weathers. But this family NEED to get out of the house more often than not. Being around each other 24/7 can be draining at the best of times but add into that a hyper pre-schooler and a baby and is a recipe for disaster. So these are some of our outings so far in January :)

 Our first outing was to Capstone Country Park on New Years Day, it certainly blew out the cobwebs!!

Next up was a trip to Riverside Country Park to let Tsuki have another go on her bike (it didnt go well and we carried all the way round). But, the play area is now open after being shut for MONTHS and it was really good.

 An impromptu visit to KFC was needed also...

Then Kidzone, soft play, also known as the 7th circle of hell. Im sorry, but I cannot stand these places even at half price. Ick.

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