Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Well, its a new year and another chance for me to be a better blogger!

The children are changing so much, and so quickly, I barely even know where to start.

I`ll start with Kaison, who is now TEN months old. Which means in just 2 short months he will be a year old. I am so not ready!

 He is AMAZING! He can say mum, dad, ta, yeah! He rubs his belly when food is tasty, plays chase, claps his hands when you sing 'if your happy and you know it'. He can crawl at a million miles an hour and is just starting to take steps unassisted. He will devour a plate of spaghetti hoops on toast and LOVES my breakfast cereal. I thought it wouldnt be as much of a shock the 2nd time around, but I am still dumbfounded at how quickly he is growing up!

Now for Tsuki, who is now 3. She is brilliant and hilarious :) We think there is a possibility she has ADHD as David has it and she is showing signs but obviously nothing is getting done until she is older so that ones on the shelf. She has some difficult behave but she is a wonderful kid. She will happiliy introduce herself to strangers and makes friends super easily. She especially likes helping younger children :)

 She got a bike for christmas which she was super pleased with, I cant wait for the better weather to come so she can get to go on it more often.

As for me, Ive been busy trying to organise my life! Ive bought myself a day planner (which Im waiting for to arrive), its a Collins Salisbury Personal, similar to a Filofax. Ive also re-started my health regime and vowed to get the junk under control in this house! We are drowing under old clothes and unloved toys!!

I hope your all having a wonderful start to 2015
Talli xx

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